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A. Requirements:

  • Two (2) copies of duly accomplished visa application forms with two (2) photographs;
  • PRC passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the date of stay in the Philippines;
  • Note Verbale/ Introduction Letter;
  • Acceptance Notice from the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED);
  • Acceptance Notice from Philippine University/College;
  • Medical Certificate (including laboratory and X-Ray Film Result);
  • Police Clearance (in duplicate form);
  • Authenticated copy of Middle School/College Diploma;
  • Authenticated copy of transcript of records;
  • Proof of financial support;
  • List of references/contact persons in the Philippines; and
  • Copy of the ticket
  • Visa fee of 2,500 RMB.

B. Procedure:

The foreign student directly communicates with a school in the Philippines that is authorized to accept foreign students and complies with the school's institutionalized requirements, including the submission of the following documents:

  • four (4) original copies of his Personal History Statement (PHS) duly signed by him both in English and in his national alphabet and stamped with his personal seal, if any, and containing among others his original 2 x 2-inch photograph on plain white background recently taken and his original left and right hand thumbprints;

  • scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located at or having consular jurisdiction over his country of origin or place of residence; and
  • proof of adequate financial support to cover expenses for his accommodation, subsistence, school dues and other incidental expenses.

The school, satisfied with the student's compliance with its requirements, issues to him a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and submits to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) a copy thereof, together with the documents enumerated above, and a certified true copy of the Certificate of Eligibility of Admission (CEA) issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in cases where enrollment in a particular course is restricted due to shortage of facilities. These documents shall be handcarried to the DFA by the school's designated Liaison Officer under a letter cover type written on the school's official stationery signed by the schools Registrar and stamped with the school's official dry seal, requesting that a student visa be issued to the person named therein.

The DFA, after finding the documents complete and in order, indorses the documents to the Philippine Foreign Service Post located at or having consular jurisdiction over the student's country of origin or place of residence for issuance of the student visa after ascertaining the student's identity and admissibility in accordance with DFA regulations. Requests for issuance of the visa in places other than the student's country of origin or place of residence shall not be entertained.

The Foreign Service Post notifies in writing the student of the receipt of the documents and requests him to appear in person before a Consular Office, bringing his own copy of the schools NOA, for interview and compliance with consular requirements.

The Consular Office of the Foreign Service Post requires the student to undergo a thorough medical examination by the Post's designated and accredited Medical Practitioner who will submit directly to the Consular Officer the Medical Health Certificate in the prescribed form (FA Form No. 11), together with the required laboratory reports and standard-size Chest X-Ray showing results of the medical examination.

The student also submits a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authorities of his country of origin or residence.

Upon arrival in the Philippines, the student shall report immediately to the accepting school, which in turn, shall assist the student obtain the necessary Alien Certificate of Registration and the Certificate of Residence for Temporary Student from the Bureau of Immigration.

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