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China's Top 20 Exports to the Philippines Year 2003

Rank Division numbers and Description (Amount in USD1,000)
1 85 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; 890,895
sound recorders and reproducers, television image and
sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and
accessories of such articles
2 27 Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their 287,559
distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes
3 84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical 274,344
appliances; parts thereof
4 87 Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, 120,066
and parts and accessories thereof
5 10 Cereals 80,961
6 39 Plastics and articles thereof 76,041
7 73 Articles of iron and steel 72,256
8 52 Cotton 68,844
9 28 Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds 59,373
of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of
radio-active elements of isotopes
10 61 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, 59,073
knitted or crocheted